Arizona Feedback

"I liked the part about the breathing and how to show what you're singing about."
"It was cool. I didn't sing but what you told others was helpful."

"It was a lot of fun.  I liked to see the transformations in the singers and their songs after you helped them."

"It was very interesting.  I really enjoyed and learned a lot.  Patricia is an amazing teacher.  She has such a good relationship with music.  I feel very privileged that I was able to attend this class."

"Very informative and lots of fun.  I like the hands-on approach and the involvement with the students.  It wasn't just a lecture and that's a great thing."

"I learned so much.  It was wonderful and I know I have so much to learn."

"I had the opportunity to sing---without warning!  But I learned so much.  What an incredible experience!"


Patricia teaching at Master Class in Arizona.Patricia with Snowflake, Arizona
high school music class.

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