Rave reviews for Fabrizio's Fable!

"Your book truly is amazing, and the illustrations and CD make it an exceptional children’s title."

- Craig Froman New Leaf Publishing Group


Great Review at Dayton Mom-Spot! "Fabrizio brought back memories of Stuart Little, a family favorite in our house.  With this in mind, Fabrizio’s Fable was an instant hit. " Read more...


"We really enjoyed your book presentation at the Deptford Library last week!…Kaylee and Andrew love the book and CD!"

--Mary Dawson, Deptford Library


"[The reading] was great! The children really enjoyed it as did the parents. A unique experience for them…. I am still getting positive feed back from several families. One little girl wants a perfume spray bottle for her birthday. Another little boy listened to the CD during the night(he asked his Mom at the program to but a book and he promised to pay her back when they got home.. They all want you back when you finish the next book."

--Laurie, Evesham Library


"The thanks is all to you, and I am sorry this note is coming a day late!
The children loved the reading and getting to squeeze Fabrizio, and you can see how much it means to them to have their own brand new books. Thank you for the donation of the books and your time doing the reading; it was a wonderful suggestion."

Books for Kids Foundation


"What an amazing afternoon we spent with you and Fabrizio! The students loved your presentation, and were so delighted to receive books signed by the author! You have a wonderful and respectful way of relating to children and you were so successful at engaging them in the marels of language and storytelling.

On behalf of all the students, teachers and The Bass Foundation, please accept our heartfelt gratitude for your participation in the Louverture Boys Reading Program."

-- Peggy Barnett, Executive Director



"It was my pleasure to meet you last Friday in Clifton. I wanted to thank you very much for coming to the Library and sharing the sweet story of Fabrizio with our children. They had a beautiful time listening to you and they also enjoyed learning how to pronounce some Italian words that sounded like music for them.
Thank you and I hope to have you here again soon!"

--Gloria Abero, Children’s Librarian
Clifton New Jersey Public Library


"Thank you for the kind gift of your book, "Fabrizio's Fable". I appreciate
your thoughtfulness and your enthusiasm for the Italian-American heritage".

- Nancy Pelosi, House Of Representatives


"Thank you for your kind letter and the signed copy of your book, "Fabrizio’s Fable". It was kind of you to think of my grandchildren. I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness".
- Leon Panetta, Secretary Of Defense


"Your story is so charming. I find Sabin's score likewise delightful. His musical depictions of the characters are spot on. I just loved the trombone glissandi in Luigi. And Fabrizio's movement is also so musically perfect!...Your goal of teaching Italian to English speaking children through this musical fable is just great. Your narration is super and Grace Min's illustrations are beautiful!...Children will just love Fabrizio's Fable!"
--Maestro George Marriner Maull


"Fabrizio’s Fable by Patricia Brady-Danzig is a charming tale about how a little mouse outsmarts a cat. Like the Bible story of David and Goliath, Fabrizio’s Fable is a lesson about how brains win over brawn couched in an appealing story. Additionally, the story is told in English and Italian. It begs to be read aloud
inviting audience participation in the “Sniff, Sniff, Run, Run “ and “Annusa, Annusa, Corri, Corri!”

--Kitty Ostrum


"...I want to thank you for coming to our school and sharing your wonderful story with the students. About ten of my students purchased a copy of your book and were thrilled!"
-- Lisa Elson, First Grade Teacher from School #4 in Cliffside Park, NJ


"Thanks so much for your wonderful reading and book.  You even brought Fabrizio with you.  I'm glad he could take time out from his busy schedule to join us. Children and parents were awestruck. Thanks again so very much."
-- Brian Cazanave
Cliffside Library


"Thank you! The children and families of Willingboro enjoyed your visit as well! Good luck with your future endeavors, and thanks again for partnering with WPL to promote literacy to our community. Fabrizo l was an adorable asset too!"
-- Linda, Willingboro Public Library


"I am deeply touched by your kind letter and the gift of your children's book, 'La Favola di Fabrizio'.  It is a wonderful story, and I enjoyed reading it in both the English and Italian text."
--Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito


"Thank you for coming, Patricia. It was good to have you and your enthusiastic presentation. We currently have your poster displayed on our storytime room door, where I'm sure the cute picture will capture some extra attention. Good luck to you and Fabrizio."


"It was so nice to meet you, all soroptimist sisters and darling Fabrizio! Thank you very much from my kids and husband - they are already in love with Fabrizio and looking forward to meet to him."



“We also enjoyed having you at our library! Fabrizio's Fable is a wonderful story.”

--Mary Jane Raritan Public Library


"I want to thank you so much for sending me a copy of Fabrizio's Fable. What a delightful story! I love the fact that the text is in both English and Italian and that it comes with a cd. I've never seen a book written like this. > My mom is Italian and she got a kick out of reading in her native language. My daughter has a one-year old and she's been learning Italian through Rosetta Stone. I'm going to share this book with them as I know she'll really enjoy reading it to my grandson in both languages.
Thank you again so much for your thoughtfulness. I wish you much success. Peace and joy."

--Janet Pfeiffer, Pres, CEO

Pfeiffer Power Seminars, LLC


"Thanks so much for your wonderful reading and book. You even brought Fabrizio with you. I'm glad he could take time out from his busy schedule to join us. Children and parents were awestruck.
Thanks again so very much."

--Brian Cazanave
Children's Services, Cliffside Park

"My boys like your book."


"Thank you for such a wonderful story! I look forward to hearing from you and getting my hands on the Fabrizio doll!"
--Adolfo Gillioz


"I read the FABRIZIO book to my daughters and nephew. While the story itself held their interest, which is hard to do, it also prompted them to want to learn to speak Italian. Me too!"
--Dave Bursik, Attorney, Wayne, New Jersey


"I really love your book. It is absolutely wonderful."
--Robert W. Butts, conductor,
Baroque Orchestra of New Jersey

"I recently read 'Fabrizio' to my daughter's first & second grade class then gave them all a chance to read the Italian pages. They enjoyed your story immensely, perhaps more so in Italian than in English!
-- Frank McKinley, New Jersey

"I love Fabrizio’s Fable, thank you so much. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and will give it to the Children’s Librarian to add to the library’s collection so lots and lots of little ones can enjoy the book too."
-- Nina


"It was a very nice program all around and I think everyone enjoyed hearing you read, especially in your perfect Italian."
-- Josh Humphrey, Library Director in at Kearny New Jersey Branch Library.


"What a clever book---and what a great idea to include the CD with the children and the stories being read--a really 'cool' project. Everyone in our household really enjoyed the book--in BOTH languages!"
-- Denise LoCicero, Dayton, OH

"I am impressed with your courage to follow a passion and you have a beautiful talent."
--Ritu Chopra

"Thank you so much for the book! It is beautiful I read three times to my kids before going to bed and they love it! The illustrations are fantastic, love the drawings, the colors...
Congratulation you did a great great job!
A presto
Waiting for the next book:)"

-- Susanna Pastorino

"Charming! Your reading is wonderful! I love the book, and plan to use it as a teaching tool in my Italian classes...I have listened to the CD, and am thrilled. You have a very beautiful reading voice. It's also a perfect piece to learn Italian, better than Muzzy. I will definitely integrate it somehow in my teaching this semester. I also love the singing and the melodies. Great."
--Susanna Ghiradelli
Professor of Italian, Seton Hall University

"Adorable. I liked it a lot!"
-- Linda Simpfendorfer
Head of Children's Services
Livingston Library, New Jersey

"First, let me say that your book is absolutely charming. I love the illustrations; they really complement the text beautifully…The audio is so lovely."
-- Nancy M. Barr
Adjunct Professor, Seton Hall University

"...my grandchildren want me to keep
reading the book to them..."

-- Catherine Sullivan
Former Director
South Orange Library

"Words come alive when narrated by the internationally acclaimed soprano and educator Patricia Brady-Danzig in her melodious, expressive voice. (Before sharing the story with children anyone unfamiliar with reading aloud technique is advised to listen to the accompanying CD for an example of perfect inflection and pacing.)

The book and CD - in English and Italian - can be used in multiple ways, e.g. as a delightful read-aloud to young children who can follow the exciting action in the beautiful full-color illustrations by Grace Min as the story is read, as an introduction to older children studying the Italian language, of for children whose native Italian is more familiar than Engiish. It is my hope that this delightful tale will be published in other bi-lingual editions. Highly recommended."

-- Ellin Greene, Library Educator; author, Storytelling: Art & Technique, Fourth Edition, Libraries Unlimited, 2010; and reteller of several folktales for children.

"Who among us (of a certain age) can ever forget "Topo Gigio," the famous talking mouse who was a regular on the Ed Sullivan Show during the 1960's? I can remember my Italian grandparents laughing at the childlike puppet, and we all looked forward to the skits in which he appeared. Well, Patricia Brady-Danzig has given an entire new generation a new talking mouse to fall in love with, Fabrizio. In Fabrizio's Fable, we read of the adventures of Fabrizio and his arch enemy, Luigi, the neighborhood cat. The tale is accompanied by a CD of the author reading her narrative in both English and Italian. The short story is gorgeously illustrated by Grace Min. The author, an international soprano, also sings an original song on the CD. You'll find yourself cheering for the clever Fabrizio, as he thwarts the nefarious Luigi and saves the day."
--Marianne Lalli Regan, UNICO San Diego

"I love your book - it will be good for my grandchildren."
--Lidia Bastianich, Celebrity TV Chef

"You were certainly enjoyed by all. Thank you so much for helping the
Essex County March of Dimes."

--Mary Linn Lombardo
Community Director, March of Dimes, North New Jersey Division

I was very happy to read your story "La Favola di Fabrizio." It is a beautiful story for children because it is easy to understand and fun...I anticipated with emotion the outcome of Fabrizio's problem...I hope you will continue writing other stories for many children."
-- Vittoria Cook, student, Seton Hall University

"I wish you a year full of joy with singing and with love."
-- Professor Susanna Ghirardelli, Seton Hall University