Miami University

I held a Master Class at Miami University in Oxford Ohio.  You can read some student comments here.

Hall Stage - large facility
Souers Performance Hall

Center for Performing Arts
Mari-Opatz Muni, Chair of the Opera Division - my hostess
Student feedback:

In regards to the master class, I would like to say that Patricia Brady-Danzig really helped me loosen up and focus my acting.  As silly as it seemed, when she came and held my hands when I sang "Durch Zartlichkeit", I realized how real the emotion inthe piece was.  I realized more about what my character would have been thinking and feeling during this aria.  Ms. Brady-Danzig was very knowledgeable and her suggestions to me as well as to M. and N. made a visible difference in our performances almost immediately.  It was a great experience!  Elizabeth K., Junior

I appreciated Mrs. Brady-Danzig's passion and talk she gave at the beginning of the Master Class on the importance of music and how it can affect people in powerful ways.  I enjoyed the class.  Amanda N., Graduate student

I enjoyed getting to sing for Patricia Brady-Danzig in the master class.  Because it was my first experience singing for someone, I did not know at all that I would get immediate feedback (and be able to improve).  Technique-wise I appreciated the attention to a lower more connected breath because it is an ongoing struggle for me.  Artistically, she really forced me to express myself through the song.  The emotions were higher when I sang through it with her and more apparent in my face than ever before.  I could really tell a difference in my voice.  All in all I enjoyed singing for her because it allowed me to be open to suggestions from another professional other than my teachers.  Matthew R., Junior