"Your record is beautiful and your love for Romania is great! A thousand kisses to you!" Madame Virginia Zeani Rossi-Lemeni

"You are an incredible woman, and a role model. You have done so much for Saint Rose, and have touched the lives of so many. I admire all that you have accomplished with your life, and all that you continue to do. You have a vision for the future, and a plan to continue to accomplish great things. You truly make this world a better place." Karin Carr, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, The College of Saint Rose

"It was an absolute pleasure to meet you. When you spoke of Jerome Hines it brought back such wonderful memories." Janice Teetsell, Esq. (after Rotary Club speech)

Her concert tours of America, Canada and Europe have been well-received by the US and European critics.  Following her debut at Carnegie Hall, the New York Times critic said she was "a knowledgeable musician, whose voice soared and had a sweetness and purity of sound."

"... exceptional, generous voice; warm, emotional performance; profound musical understanding ...", Romania

"... A real feeling for Mozart ...", Piero Rattalino, World-renowned Musicologist, Music Director, Teatro Massimo Bellini; Catania, Sicily

"As a lyric soprano and orchestral soloist with a repertoire that includes German lieder, opera oratorio and Irish folk music, she proved a versatile star, capable of singing everything from opera to Broadway." New York City, June 23, 1996

"... fulfilled the intentions of the most varied styles and attained her goals with her excellent technique. The North American soprano possesses an intelligent sense of musicality with beautiful coloring and perfect diction." Cinco Dias, Madrid, Spain

"I was very pleased will all your comments and instructions.  I could see and hear an immediate difference."  Student, Central College Master Class

"Your visit was most helpful to our students; your guidance, suggestions and affirmation were excellent, particularly in areas of interpretation and stage presence." Dr. David Williams, Music Department Chair, Central College

"...a host of ideas, career tips, .....radiates encouragement in master class"...recital had distinct color and technique, impressive dignity and delivery, unusual shades of expression, understanding and depth to artist with a message."   Tom Waechter, Arts Editor, Pella Chronicle

"really interesting to see how you continue your career with such fervor...your drive is admirable". Student, Drew University Master Class

"brilliantly informational and incredibly interesting". Student, Drew University Master Class

"...the students enjoyed hearing about your musical journey.....generous with your time".  Professor Lydia Ledeen, Drew University

"...true love for the art of music....audience pleased and moved by her presentation...a delightful person...very positive and easy to work with...."  Dr. Stuart Glazer, Chair, Music Department, Florida Atlantic University

"...I learned about interpretation of transmit different ideas and influence the world..."  " ...wonderful...a lot of class helped me to understand that expression is the main idea."   Students, Monterrey Mexico Master Class

"...Maestra PBD has displayed a manner amenable and agreeable to our
students who wish to augment their learning and were given a clear lesson by her with sincerity and professionalism."  Director Lic. Juan Briceno Calzoncit, Monterrey Mexico

"...very professional manner...experienced performer, instructor and guest lecturer..."  Student, Florida International University Master Class

"Positive reinforcement..." Professor Robert B. Dundas Chair, Vocal Department, Florida International University

"I loved watching you teach today! You are very perceptive and good at constructive criticism."  Student, Duke University Master Class

"Thank you! I will try and relax from now on."  Student, Duke University Master Class

"I really loved the workshop/master class and I learned a lot about
artistry in music."   Student, Duke University Master Class 

"What a great pleasure to share a program with you. I invite you to perform in Israel."  Maestro Ariel Zuckerman

"She brings professional know-how and great charm to her performances" Maestro Tiberiu Dragos Oprea

"...thoroughly enjoyable program from beginning to end..."  Paul Evoskevich, Music Department Chair, College of St. Rose

Concert Programs
- Frauenliebe und Leben - Robert Schumann
- Songs of a Wayfarer - Gustave Mahler
- Various German composers including Wolf, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Wagner and others
- All-Mozart Program
- Vivaldi Arias
- All-French Program including songs by Duparc, Debussy, Poulenc and others
- American 20th century composers; including Bernstein, Copland, Barber, Charles, Carpenter and Menotti
- "A Woman's Life in Love" - Saga of a woman's life in song and story
- Compositions for string quartet, chamber orchestra and soprano
- Music of Hendley, Hoiby, Gershwin, Gordon, Pasatieri and others
- Broadway Favorites, Light Opera Classics, including "Student Prince," "Naughty Marietta" and others
- Aria program including Rossini, Puccini, Verdi, Mozart, von Weber, Purcell and others
- Italian Ariettas
- Many other recitals, including English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Gaelic and Romanian songs

Fumio Akizaki, Horea Andreescu, Ion Baciu, Ovidiu Balan, Colin Block, Liviu Buiuc, Robert W. Butts, Ricardo Caramela, Modest Cichirdan, Kevin Class, Gheorghe Costin, Marian Didu, Emanuel Elenescu, Ionescu Galati, Zsolt Hercegh, Silas Huff, Leon Hyman, Alexandru Iosub, Robert Irving, Anthony La Gruth, Karol Litvin, Daniel Manasi, Antonio Manuli, Camil Marinescu, Reiner Muller, Balentin Neacsu, Tiberiu Dragos Oprea, Russell Patterson, Sabin Pautza, Radu Popa, Ted Plute, Ludovic Rooth, Kurt Saffir, Elaine Scharli, Emile Simon, Paul Staicu, Adrian Sunshine, Florin Totan,  Adolf Winkler, Ariel Zuckerman