Click the image on the left to read about a special commemorative concert held on October 28, 2011 to celebrate 30 years of PBD concerts in Romania.
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BistriĊ£a Romania Church
Concerts: August 27 and 28, 2015
Piano: Patricia Brady-Danzig
Cello: Andreea Cosma
Violin: Victoria Morvay
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Oltea Parau and daughters
Valentin Vasiliu - Baritone, recital partner
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PBD and Romanian dignitary
Deacon Aurel Para, 2014
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PBD with Irish Ambassador to Romania, John Morahan and his wife; Merry Cemetery concert; Bucharest, Romania; November 2011
PBD 30th anniversary performance, Army Cultural Center; Bucharest, Romania; Conductor: Balentin Neacsu
Photos from my residency and performances during the George Enescu International Festival in September 2005
PBD and fellow panelist Dr. David Williams at the "Enescu & America" Symposium, Bucharest
PBD in front of world-famous Atheneum, Bucharest


PBD sings with Giurgiu Philharmonic Orchestra PBD with Kurt Masur, internationally renowned conductor
PBD with Traian Basescu, President of Romania

PBD accepting flowers after her performance with the Giurgiu Philharmonic Orchestra
Audience members at Symposium in the world famous Atheneum, Sala Mica
PBD at TV interview in Giurgiu

Leonard Musical Theatre in Galati, Romania where PBD performed with the Galati Symphony Orchestra
Romanian composer, conductor, violinist and pianist George Enescu

PBD and conductor Vasile Grajdian at a performance of Haydn's Lord Nelson Mass in Sibiu, Romania.

PBD bowing after a performance of Mozart arias in Craiova, Romania
PBD and friends at the George Enescu International Festival, 2003 PBD with Maestro EugenCostin in Iasi, Romania


PBD in original peasant dance costume
PBD at a press conference in Craiova
PBD at rehearsal, The Atheneum, Bucharest
Concert Hall, Timisoara, Romania PBD with conductor in Timisoara
PBD performing in Craiova with Maestro Marian Didu
PBD and god-son Bogdan Podlovschi, 1997

God-son Peter Gogalniceanu


Nicolai Licaret and Daniel Podlovschi, famous Romanian musicians
Sabin Pautza, composer and conductor


PBD with Tiberiu Brediceanu, composer, and Lory Wallfisch, pianist
PBD and Mircea Geoana, former Romanian Ambassador to United States
Popa Phitu Church, Bucharest

Orthodox priest Jakob Ormenisan, Popa Phitu Church, Bucharest
PBD with former Romanian president Ion Iliescu
Performance in Timisoara

Recent tour in Romania  
With conductor Daniel Manasi in Galati

Rehearsal in Galati

The Danube in Galati

Rehearsal in Carei with conductor Ludovic Rooth from Israel

Carei performance
Romanian Church in Rimnica Valcea
Palace at Carei
East European architecture in Rimnica Valcea Rehearsal with Philharmonic in Rimnica Valcea with Maestro Tiberiu Dragos Oprea
Performance in Rimnica Valcea
PBD with divas Virginia Zeani and Mariana Nicolescu
PBD and conductor Tiberiu Dragos Oprea in Rimnica Valcea
Church in Bucharest, Romania


Maestro Alexandru Iosub, Craiova Philharmonic Orchestra
Romanian violinist, producer of PBD's CD, "From Romania with Love"

PBD with Pascal Bentoiu, noted Romanian composer and musicologist, in Bucharest
PBD with Patricia Orlowitz, American embassy, Chisinau-Moldava
PBD with Concertmaster Radu Marius, Sibiu Philharmonic Orchestra
PBD in Sibiu, Romania with students of English
PBD and pianist Corina Stanescu, Craiova, Romania
PBD with orchestra members after a performance, Sibiu, Romania
PBd and conductor Ovidiu Balan, guest Liana Podlovschi, Bacau, Romania
PBD performing for artists and musicians in a chamber music concert, Bucharest
PBD in Chicago with Sever Voinescu, Consulate General of Romania
PBD with Giurgiu, Romania orchestra concert master
Romania welcomed into NATO

PBD at rehearsal in Satu Mare, Romania with conductor Emil Simon Church of Saint Joseph, Bucharest
PBD receiving honorary diploma from Saint Joseph College, Bucharest
PBD conducting Saint Joseph choir, Bucharest PBD with newly-appointed Romanian Ambassador to the US, Adrian Vierita
PBD with American Ambassador to Romania, 2008